Hi! Nice to meet you.
Just a developer, I'm currently coding while you read my portfolio. There are a lot of contents here, some have quirky content. 👀 So enjoy scrolling to my content.
What I can offer

Desktop Applications

I develop desktop application with Realtime Database or Relational Databases Management System. I also specialize in NoSQL and SQL Database to ensure that the requirements meet its condition for small and large scale applications

Mobile Development

I am a Flutter Developer working with cross-platform mobile for iOS and Android. I use DART as my programming language to develop mobile applications. I used Flutter for my thesis and my part-time job for startups.

Web Development

I use web technologies and frameworks to fasten up the development cycle for side-projects. I have general knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/TypeScript. Furthermore, I appreciate VanillaTS for web development


Providing Tools and Technologies to develop applications that can help our fellow Islams eat Halal food using Oorido Halal Food Delivery found in this website.

With the CEO's vision and his co-founder working on the project, We managed to get traction to our clients in Davao City. Our competitor, Food Panda does not segregate Pork and non-pork products.



Parola is an event based attendance using Beacon Technology

It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to scan for any beacons nearby. This technology involves IoT( Internet of Things) devices called Beacons. Beacons does not collect any information, It just sends signal to any enabled bluetooth devices. Parola was designed to make the attendance more at ease and never to queue or fall in line to any event registration. Just simply walk in to any nearby beacons and you're good to go. This was our Capstone Project made with Flutter, an open source project by Google.

Here is the Repository for the Parola, I made it open-source so that anyone can contribute

  GitHub Repository

Side Projects


Information Education Platform

A Decentralized Educational Platform that aims for an institution to collaboratively and connected to other institutions without intruding student's privacy The goal of this project is to extend the limitation of discovering new technologies and solve the possible issues from any schools. Kind of similar to Matsodon

As a bonus, The project will be developing an algorithm that fills the subjects that the students will be enrolled for their next subject taken